Finally…I see Khunnie TT___TT

I miss you very much…Khunnie ah~ *cry*

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ối chồng ơi TT^TT nhìn mãi không chán ý >3< sao cái ảnh bìa k đăng được gif lên ??? >”<

02/50 gifs of chantaec

I find those black lines really sexy…don’t ask me why.

I just wanna cuddle him~!

awwwwwwwwww >3<

2PM Secrets of Living Together

Khun: Khun is the granddad who wakes everyone up and sometimes complains "The TV is too loud"
Taecyeon: Taecyeon is the dad who only knows eating, sleeping and working.
Junho: Junho is the son in his puberty, able to do things indepently. But since he's in his puberty, he's always worrying and taking everything in on his own.
Junsu: Junsu is the uncle who always says "Yeah" to let people notice his existence.
Wooyoung: Wooyoung is the perfect mother, particularly in charge of reminding everyone, "Don't forget to switch off the light", "Quickly, go to take a shower".
Chansung: Chansung is the kid in kindergarten who's tall but always playing tricks on people.
2PM: Happy family!


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all i can think about is this

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